Bright Blue Wealth are supporters of the Openwork Foundation.

The Foundation** was launched in 1981 to support disadvantaged people in the UK and overseas. In June 2005, it became The Openwork Foundation. It is funded and supported by the staff and self-employed Financial Advisers of Openwork across the UK.

What do we do?

The Openwork Foundation is both a fundraising and grant-giving fund. The staff and Advisers of Openwork actively fundraise in their own time and put forward projects and charities they’d like to support.

Fundraising initiatives include a variety of events. There are opportunities for Advisers and staff to support the Foundation by donating money at key events, or through regular giving. Teams of staff and Advisers also volunteer in their own time to complete one-off projects to benefit local charities.

** It was formerly known as the Allied Dunbar Foundation and then the Zurich Advice Network Foundation.

Giving back

Since 1981, the Foundation has supported nearly 1,000 projects in the UK and abroad and has donated over £18.7 million to the community. During this time the Foundation has provided vital support for many people and causes.

Amongst other things, we have helped charities build a school in Manila for children living on the dump sites, funded adventure playgrounds for disabled children, helped purchase medical and mobility equipment for people of all ages, built hydrotherapy pools and conversions in children’s hospices and paid for specially adapted minibuses.

The Openwork Foundation currently works in partnership with The Carers Trust, supporting their Young Carers services and continues to support Cares 4 Kids.

Cares 4 Kids

Cares4Kids is The Openwork Foundation’s current theme and is the focus of our grant-giving programme. It is designed to support children and young people in the UK and overseas, up to the age of 18 years, who are disadvantaged either socially, mentally or physically.

The Carers Trust

The Carers Trust supports more young carers than any other organisation in the UK. Through its unique network of 89 young carers’ services and interactive websites, the Trust currently provides quality information, advice and support services to 31,000 young carers.

Young Carers’ Services

  • help to find other sources of support so that fewer families rely on a child for care;
  • run clubs, activities and holidays that give young carers a break and time to be children;
  • give one-to-one support and mentoring in schools so that young carers can enjoy tasks and achieve;
  • educate and train teachers, doctors, youth workers and social workers to recognise the signs of a hidden caring role, offer a carer-friendly response and access specialist help.