Our Team


Rhiannon Vallis

Phone: 01932 579700
Email: Rhiannon@brightbluewealth.com

Andy Wilmot

Phone: 01932 579700
Email: Andy@brightbluewealth.com

As Founding Directors of Bright Blue Wealth, Our business specialises in:

  • building wealth through a variety of investment plans, timescales and risk preferences, as well as protecting family and liabilities from poor health, early death and major illness.
  • maintaining wealth with ongoing reviews of objectives, building a strategy to meet and evolve with changing needs and staying in touch to ensure that our clients are on track to achieve their financial goals.
  • distribution of wealth, through estate planning, trusts and effective use of Wills.

We work with clients on a face to face basis, meeting and speaking regularly to review changing financial needs. We work with small businesses, individuals and families, ensuring that their wealth continues to build up and lasts through to as many generations as possible, whilst protecting assets as much as possible from the effects of taxation.

Financial Advisers

Graham Wight
Senior Financial Planning Consultant

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Graham@brightbluewealth.com

Graham is a dedicated member of the team, ensuring that his client’s financial goals and aspirations for the future can be achieved through careful face to face financial planning.   He has over 20 years of financial advisory experience, the majority of this is helping and supporting High Net Worth financial professionals in the City of London. His experience specialises within the investment and pension market and ensures his clients funds are held in the right product and for the right time. He is passionate about the creation and perpetuation of wealth across generation for his clients.  The financial wellbeing of his clients is at the cornerstone of his philosophy and works with his clients to achieve this.

Liam Webb
Financial Planning Consultant

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Liam@brightbluewealth.com

Liam has been working in the financial services industry since the age of 19, starting as a paraplanner before progressing into a financial planning consultant. His detailed knowledge of how the systems work from start to finish has allowed him to help clients throughout the process, ensuring a stress-free experience on a subject that not everyone enjoys discussing. His main objective as a consultant is to work alongside clients to help them reach their financial goals, whatever they may be and has great pride in being able to do so. 


Matthew Hogan
Financial Planning Consultant

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Matt@brightbluewealth.com

Matthew has many years experience within financial services and has worked for companies such as Vitality, Fidelity International, Charles Stanley and Vanguard. He is a recent addition to the financial planning area and is very proud to be part of the Bright Blue Wealth family. His approach is to always put the client first and to really understand their needs and goals. Matthew’s knowledge and experience is then invaluable in ensuring that clients receive the best advice possible alongside offering the highest levels of service.


Josh Webb
Financial Planning Consultant

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Josh@brightbluewealth.com

Admin Team

Debbie Tipping
Head Of Client Servicing

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Debbie@brightbluewealth.com

Debbie has been with our business almost from the start. She has an exceptional relationship with clients and supports the team in ensuring that high quality and consistently excellent customer service is given to our clients. She also works closely with the directors in helping to shape the business and help us to adapt to changing regulatory frameworks.

Ted Heath
Senior Paraplanner

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Ted@brightbluewealth.com

Ted has a broad range of skills which he applies to his role within Bright Blue. His background as a City Trader for many years, coupled with his knowledge of the financial markets and regulations, places him in a key role for understanding the complex technical areas of pension transfers, investment analysis and providing our advisers with the technical support they need to work effectively with clients.

Montana Jones

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Montana@brightbluewealth.com

Abi Munday
Client Services Coordinator

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Abi@brightbluewealth.com

Senior Client Services Coordinator

Phone: 01932 579700, Email: Kim@brightbluewealth.com

Kim provides overall support to the entire team, both advisers and client services. Her cheerful demeanour, her readiness to help out and her knowledge of financial services make her a key member of the team in ensuring that Bright Blue provides the highest possible level of care and service to our clients. Kim has worked within financial services for many years and has always been popular with our clients for her readiness to help and her quick response to their needs.